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I’m finding out that I love working with kids. The sheer insanity that comes from their mouths is enough to keep me entertained for days. I am glad I found this job. I was not sure that teaching would be right for me, but I think it will be near perfect. I’m a natural ham in front of crowds, I give killer dirty looks, and I truly love hearing what they think up next. Oh, and not much shocks me. That will help me greatly, I think.

My house is clean. Clean, clean, clean! Finally! Feel free to visit! I’m still not cooking, but I’m at least thinking about it. That’s something, right? Poor, poor Sean. That’s what he gets for loving me, I guess.

Two of my kitties are sick. One is throwing up a lot, and the other just sits around looking miserable. Though, it could be because she is a Tuxedo. It must be hard being all dressed up with nowhere to go.

I love the weather. Cold and colder are my favourite temperatures. I do enjoy a day or two at the beach, but after that, I am ready for sweater weather!