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I’ve felt about like this:


Love, Marriage, Babies Without Carriages

Strollers are seriously lame. Anyone who complains to me how heavy their child is, and doesn’t have an actual back problem, is the biggest wiener in the world. I carry around 2 and 3 year olds, nine hours a day, every day. It is definitely easier than getting any strollers out!

Speaking of toddlers, one of my usual mischief-makers was very mild today. I bribed him, hehe. I told him he could try on my glasses if he tried really hard to be good. He brought me a rock he found on the playground. I noticed it was heart-shaped, and I asked him what shape it was. “It’s a heart because I love Miss Krista.” Thank Maude I just finished my period, or I would have sobbed all over him.

The marriage is going well! Sean promises to have something in the works for my birthday tomorrow. It can’t be worse than last year. Last year, I asked him if he was sending me a birthday card (I was living with his mom for a month while he finished up flight school in Michigan). He answered, “No, why?” “You’re kidding, right? Tell me you made me a sweet card, and it is just late.” “I didn’t know I was supposed to get you a card.” “What?!” “I thought “Happy Birthday” was enough”. “NO! I understand we can’t afford presents right now, but you couldn’t even make me a card” “I didn’t think you needed that from me”…..

2 hours later, after a very harsh scolding and shaming from me, he finally “got it”, and felt like shit to the point of crying.


Like I said, I’m a ball-cutting bitch.

In his defense, the year before last was an excellent birthday. I moved away from my parents’ house, and soon after he got me my Maine Coone, Boots. I was so touched I cried (touched in the head, mind you).