I don’t know what else to title this.

I was at a friend’s house recently, and she made some delicious shrimp alfredo. I have a strange history with shrimp. Sometimes it makes my eyelids swell shut and my lips itch. Sometimes it doesn’t. I avoid it whenever I can, to avoid the nasty side effect.

Anyhow, my friend’s kid picked up right away that I wasn’t eating the shrimp. Damn! I thought about choking some down, just so she wouldn’t copycat me and refuse shrimp (like she was doing), but then again, my lips had tingled and itched from just one piece of sushi with shrimp. Hmm..which is a worse way to ruin an evening? Refusing something your friend cooked, thus influencing their pre-schooler, or a trip to urgent care?


1 Response to “Shrimp?”

  1. 1 Mama Nabi October 20, 2008 at 10:23 am

    Dude. That kid needed her protein, dammit. You should have sucked it up.

    and that said… OH SHIT, I am SO sorry! I had no idea… I could have whipped up some other thing.

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