Supreme Court Justice With Two Machine Guns

Ah, I love babysitting two bloodthirsty little beasts.

No, they’re not seriously beasts, but since their mothers have banned all guns or gun facsimilies (with which I completely agree!), they are fascinated by guns. I was explaining government to them today as they were declaring themselves President or King or Supreme Court Justice, and I’m not sure they got it…I giggled quite a bit when the title of this post came out of the older boy’s mouth.

I can’t help but encourage them to be as wild as possible while I watch them. They don’t get much time from their parents to just be crazy outside. I make them do their tasks first, and then they get to make up insane games outside. Kind of like Calvinball, if you are a Calvin and Hobbes fan, actually. I understand that their parents can’t always provide the kind of childish excitement for their silliness that I can. I know it is not as charming to them as it is to me, because they have to deal with the kids all day, every day. I am happy to come in and play with them. Don’t tell their moms, but I would do this job for free. It is a huge stress reliever to play a rousing game of Crazyball before going to class.


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