Genetically Catholic

I’ve been holding off in writing about my meeting with my biological aunt. It was a lot to process.

Here are some interesting things:

1. I am genetically Catholic. That is, my bio-family is all Catholic. This is funny, because as a child I desperately wanted to be a martyred saint. I had a book of saints, and I would make lists pertaining to my obsession, i.e., preferred ways to die (pecked apart by birds), crest (fist with a pen in it), special animal friend (tiger). My biological aunt also had the desire to be a martyr as a child. I actually have a relative who is the process of being canonized. Wooo! There is still hope for me!

2. My family is a bunch of “contrarians,” as my uncle Dan said. We argue, argue, and then argue some more, just for the thrill of it. That sounds familiar…

3. My family lovvves to get on stage. That is definitely true with me. The bigger the crowd, the more I love it. I really, really enjoy public speaking.

4. Oops, we get diabetes from liking sweets too much. An allergy to chocolate is also common, as is ignoring the allergy and suffering the consequences later.


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