A Good Weekend

On Sunday we went to Lake Superior, specifically in Duluth. It was beautiful. The weather was perfect, and the dog learned to swim! She was ridiculous; she’d swim a distance perfectly, then panic and flail in the water. She would also get worried if Sean and I were out too far in the water, and swim out to us.

Yesterday Sean made adobo. I finished two new books over the weekend, and am enjoying my last week before school and work yank me back into the real world.

Sean’s still looking for a different job. I wish he could find some sort of clerical or office job. The warehouse job leaves him so tired, and his skills with computers are wasted there.


1 Response to “A Good Weekend”

  1. 1 Mama Nabi August 28, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    You’re giving a weekend update on a Thursday? Damn tardy of you.
    So… you finished the assignment…? Am hoping to get the conversation started over at papa2hapa’s site sometime tomorrow.

    Has he looked over at the U?

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