Mixed Signals

My friend recently told me about a day of hers. She is a CODA (hearing adult child of Deaf parents). I’ll call her L. L was in a mall a couple months ago with her mother, who is Deaf, and two friends her age (24), who are also Deaf.

Anyhow, they were waiting in line for food in the food court, and it was her mother’s turn to order. Her mother has a very distinctively Deaf way of speaking, and some guy behind L started to mock L’s mother.

This is after a day of getting pointed at (Deaf, not BLIND, you idiots!), whispered about, and mocked at the mall.

L. lost it, and decked the guy. Her two friends, S. and N., started hitting the asshole with their food trays.

Anyhow, they got arrested and briefly put in jail. The charges of battery were dropped because the jerk was too ashamed to show his face in court. First, he got caught mocking a Deaf person. Second, he is a big, muscular guy who got beaten down by three tiny women (the heaviest of the three is 104 or so pounds).



Don’t go hailing L. as some saint, however.

Last week, she and her mother were in a different mall. They were looking through clothes, talking as they did. L. noticed the salesperson staring at them.

He repeatedly asked them if they needed any help. L. repeatedly told him no.

She was getting quite fed up with his behaviour, and signed to her mother, “Fat bastard won’t leave us alone.”

The man answered in ASL, “My mother is Deaf, too. I was just trying to find a polite way to enter your conversation.”



2 Responses to “Mixed Signals”

  1. 1 Mama Nabi July 29, 2008 at 2:57 am

    so you know, I did laugh out loud (as you young kids call it LOL) when I read it a few days ago..

    Certain little nabi girl has expressed interest in seeing that certain big mythical canine. Parents will have to coordinate. This will be a freebie playdate. Next one will count against the million playdates we have planned.

  2. 2 Angie in Texas July 29, 2008 at 7:54 am

    wow . . . i guess it goes to show you can’t make assumptions about people. though i did find it amusing that she and her friends did that!

    *one of my bfs moms is deaf. i think they might find the story amusing, too.

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