The Only Way to Kill Me is a Stake Through My Heart

The heat has been killing me. We don’t have an air conditioner, and live on the third floor of a fourplex, so it can get pretty stuffy up here.

I burn easily in the sun. Ten minutes outside can give me a painful sunburn if I’m not wearing sunscreen. I also don’t sweat very much at all, which is definitely not an asset during the summer. I remember sitting miserably in the house as a kid, watching my brother and sister play outside while I had to sit inside to avoid sunstroke. My brother and sister have never gotten sunburns in their lives.  My parents don’t burn easily, either. I seem to have gotten all the sunburn for everyone in my family. I’m now married to a man who also does not sunburn, and worries about me in the sun.

You see why I prefer winter? I always forget how much I hate summer.

Oh, and despite the sun’s ill effects, I do not have any of the awesome powers of vampires.

I have some tips for keeping (relatively) cool, however:

1. Cold showers

2. A spray bottle filled with water. Just spraying the back of your neck and armpits really helps.

3. Margaritas

4. Wearing sunglasses at night (ahahaha)


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