He Loves Me, and “The Rats, the rats!”

On Saturday night, Sean sang karaoke for me. In a crowded bar. Without being THAT drunk.

None of his friends can believe he did it. Sean, my very shy, very opposed to public singing husband, sang Creedence karoake. He really does love me.

I sang “Creep” by Radiohead (a nice farewell to teenage angst, and also very appropriate for the little hick bar we were in) and “Best Friend” by Queen (dedicated to my honey, of course).

The bar had an insanely awesome karoake selection. They even had the Jayhawks!

Drinks were very, very cheap, but the clientele was horrendous. Oh Mondovi, I had forgotten thee.

We later visited the White Pig, which is a notoriously trashy bar I have dreamed about entering since I was a small child. It has a sign that is a neon pig with a top hat! What isn’t to love?!…Oh yeah, the people who frequent it!  A lady sat at the end of the bar, sobbing into her drink. We overheard some snippets such as “I pulled the trigger,” and “the rats, the rats”. Hmm.

I wasn’t hungover the next day, but I did get some sort of food poisoning (har har, no really I wasn’t hungover) and suffered Effexor withdrawal again.


1 Response to “He Loves Me, and “The Rats, the rats!””

  1. 1 R June 30, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    OH MY GOD. That director is jacked up! Would you be willing to name names (I’m not sure if that can get you into trouble)? I think it would be good for the community to know who is doing what and where.

    Enjoying your blog!

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