Edited to Add…

I would never make boots out of a Maine Coone! Hahaha.

For all of you who don’t obsessively read cat breed books/talk about cats with cat breeders, a Maine Coone is a large, beautiful breed of housecat. My Maine Coone happened to be named Boots, because he had white paws.

Boots embodied everything that Maine Coone enthusiasts (okay, crazy cat ladies) love about the breed. He was huge (22 lbs at his heaviest, easily taller than a beagle), very friendly (any friend who visited my house can attest to that!), fetched toys, and was very talkative. Boots made a very cute sink decoration.

He was also the world’s biggest cat bastard. He jumped on tables when playing board games, ripped open any cigarette packs he found, and ate all the cigarettes inside, and obsessively humped blankets. Oh yeah, he was also a fan of fighting other male toms, and woke us up by growling out the window.

He was a murderer of mice, a lover of inappropriately young kittens, and everyone’s favourite cat.

I’m pouring a glass of champagne to you tonight, Town Mayor (one of his many sick nicknames, due to his charisma  and greasiness).


1 Response to “Edited to Add…”

  1. 1 Mama Nabi June 19, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    yeah… I saw some pictures… will your cat eat LN if we visit? Because that would be terrible…

    So playing with our cat was like… play with a toy cat, huh?

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