Toddler antics

The cutest little girl in my class, J, is also the sweetest. She is 2. She never throws major tantrums, and is very compassionate. She also loves baby dolls. Today I watched her place her baby on the ground, walk a few feet away, then run back to smother the baby with kisses. “Baby, baby, I sorry I sorry. I never forget baby”. She also sings into any stick she finds, and calls all dandelions “flower princess.” Awww.

In the not-so-adorable category are the two boys who scrounge the playground for sticks to hit each other with. They also pretend EVERYTHING is some sort of gun. Ridiculous. They are  2 and barely 3! Where are they getting this? I am for now discouraging any aggressive play from them, and instead offering baby dolls and art. I don’t really like having to pull apart screaming, kicking, and biting toddlers.

In good news, almost everyone is potty-trained, or at least trained enough to poop in the toilet.


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