Fruit Basket

No, I’m not in the loony bin. Not yet, anyhow.

I’m talking about real fruit baskets. I’ve always wanted one for Christmas, yet whenever I tell someone I would like one, they think I’m joking! I could eat only fruit, I think. Fuck vegetables. Fuck them to hell. Well, except the potato. And the onion. And the tomato. And cilantro.

How exactly would something be fucked to hell?

Deep thoughts from a deep woman.


I am hell at them!


The six year old I watch thinks he is quite the sailor.

Other gems:

“H-E-L-L, H-E-L-L, H-E-L-L,  SEXY SEXY.”

I am afraid I kind of encouraged him by snickering.


I’ve felt about like this:

What Doesn’t Help Melancholy.

Listening to this over and over:


So, Sean had to get an MRI. He’s been having horrible headaches in the back of his head, so he went to the doctor. The doctor immediately ordered an MRI. I was really worried, so worried I nearly burst into tears in the waiting room. My thoughts were immediately, “OMGTUMORANEURYSMMENINGITISDEATH”Thank Maude for Effexor! It was the only thing holding together the dam.

The MRI came back clear. I am so, so relieved.

Though it did cost six hundred dollars. Yes, we have health insurance. Health insurance covered 80%, and it was still six hundred dollars.

What the fuck is wrong with this country? We would have been sooo fucked if this would have happened a couple months ago, when he didn’t have health insurance. Did you know most bankruptcies are medical-related?


I’m finding out that I love working with kids. The sheer insanity that comes from their mouths is enough to keep me entertained for days. I am glad I found this job. I was not sure that teaching would be right for me, but I think it will be near perfect. I’m a natural ham in front of crowds, I give killer dirty looks, and I truly love hearing what they think up next. Oh, and not much shocks me. That will help me greatly, I think.

My house is clean. Clean, clean, clean! Finally! Feel free to visit! I’m still not cooking, but I’m at least thinking about it. That’s something, right? Poor, poor Sean. That’s what he gets for loving me, I guess.

Two of my kitties are sick. One is throwing up a lot, and the other just sits around looking miserable. Though, it could be because she is a Tuxedo. It must be hard being all dressed up with nowhere to go.

I love the weather. Cold and colder are my favourite temperatures. I do enjoy a day or two at the beach, but after that, I am ready for sweater weather!

More Baby Love

This baby…she has to be the cutest thing ever born! As a NEWBORN, when babies are supposed to be freaky-looking, she is really, really cute. My little love!

This look right here I think she picked up from her Aunt. No, no, I’m not insane (well…). Bhima picked this look up from me, and then passed it to her infant daughter! Bhima and I have a lot of the same facial expressions, due to being so close in age, I think.